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Who we are

We treat potatoes, onions and apples. As a post harvest Commercial Applicator, we cover the states of New York and Pennsylvania. We bring everything we need with us so we can quickly and completely get the job done every time.

Flexible applications times:

We treat storages of all shapes and sizes. Upstate Applications works 24/7 during harvest season to make sure we accommodate your needs.

Standards are changing:

The standards are changing. Farmers are being asked to store their products longer and maintain great quality. Upstate Applications is partnered with the 1,4 Group and Decco to bring you the most innovative product lines on the market.

Customize plans:

Let us make a customized application plan based on your needs and utilize the many different options at hand.

Potato field with blue sky.
Upstate Applications is owned by Drew Heisey who was trained under Robert Fahy of Wayland, NY. Drew grew up in Western NY and has been part of Agriculture since graduating from Messiah College (University) in 2007. In the off season, Drew runs his sister companies Bovine Supply Plus and Turf Masters. You may also see him spending time with his 3 children or a Bills game.
Drew Heisey, Owner
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What we Do

Products We Provide

  • FruitGard
  • FruitGard Wipeout
  • DECCO 271
  • DECCO DMN Aerosol
  • Jet-Ag®
  • 1,4SHIP®
  • Spud Guard®
  • Sprout Torch®
  • 1,4Zap®
  • 1,4SEED®
  • 1,4SIGHT®
  • PIN NIP® 98% CIPC
Reduce food pathogens on the surface of agricultural commodities ...


- Designed to treat food pathogens
- Improves shelf live of many RACs and fresh cut items
- Does Not impair flavor development or ripening of fruit
- Does Not require any pre-treatment or post treatment rinse
Applied post-harvest
Controls fungal and bacterial microorganisms ...

FruitGard Wipeout

- Treats potatoes and apples post-harvest
- controls fungal and bacterial microorganisms.
- Prevents decay and spoilage of fruits and vegetables.
Potato sprout inhibitor. Provides a high rate of efficacy for sprout control in cold storage ...


- Prevents periderm formation of potatoes.
- Treats potatoes for sprout inhibition during storage.
- Applied post-harvest
Enhance the dormancy of potatoes, including seed potatoes, during the storage phase. ...


- Conventional solution used in potato storage programs.
- Decreases sprouting and disease issues.
- Enhancing flesh strength and color while in storage.
- Reduced bruising or soft spots.
A blend of hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid ...


Prevents, suppresses, eliminates, and controls:
- Algae
- Fungi
- Mold
- Mildew
- Bacterial Diseases
Quality Protection for the Road
is a ready-to-use aerosol dormancy enhancer that treats fresh potatoes after packing ...


- Delays peeps and controls sprouts, whether potatoes have been previously treated or not.
- Maintains firmness and crispness of potatoes during shipping, reducing load rejections or downgrades.
- Restores dormancy and helps potatoes retain moisture.
- Extends shelf life for higher customer satisfaction.
Superior Formulation
Excellent Coverage & Uptake
Spud Guard® 2 EC's proprietary cold water emulsified formulation contains ...

Spud Guard®

- Save on heating and electricity with the cold water formula designed to work in water as cold as 35°F.
- Highly soluble for immediate injection into the water flow.
- Produces higher residue uptake using less chemical.
- Uniform coverage means higher absorption through the eyes of the potato, resulting in better residue levels and improved sprout control.
- Works with a variety of application methods.
- Remains liquid in transit and does not freeze at low temperatures.

Sprout Control for the Organic Grower
Clove oil, the active ingredient in Sprout Torch®, is a natural compound ...

Sprout Torch®

- 100% Clove Oil
- 5 gallon containers
New Look
1,4Zap® safely and effectively eliminates emerging peeps and sprouts during post-harvest ...


- A compound that effectively burns peeps and sprouts at the surface for quick cleanup
- 1,4Zap® can upgrade potatoes to reduce rejections
- Superior pile penetration for effective control
A Seed Grower's Advantage
1,4SEED® is an essential tool for managing seed potatoes and providing a seed grower with maximum flexibility ...


- Stabilizes dormancy to maximize seed vigor at time of planting.
- Keeps potatoes dormant even in storage bins warmed during partial shipments.
- Helps reduce shrink to provide more salable product weight.
- Encourages uniform plant emergence in the field.
- Reduces the negative impact of apical dominance in certain varieties.
Superior Potato Quality
Sprout and peep control, pressure bruising and shrink are quality issues that storage managers face every year ...


- 1,4SIGHT® can be used as a stand alone product or to supplement your CIPC sprout control regimen. It works internally to delay sprouting activity, whereas CIPC works externally to prevent peeps from sprouting. Together they extend dormancy while controlling sprouts.
- 1,4SIGHT® penetrates through the potato skin to restore its dormancy. Dormancy lowers the respiration rate slowing the loss of moisture and solids, thereby diminishing shrink and susceptibility to pressure bruise. Restoring dormancy may also shorten the post-harvest “sweat period.”
- Maintaining dormancy helps retain potato firmness resulting in fresher appearing potatoes and fewer load downgrades.
The Market Leader
Registered since 1995, PIN NIP® 98% CIPC was the first stable, solid potato sprout inhibitor available ...


- 98% pure - contains no unnecessary chemicals or additives
- Solid non-volatile formulation has low toxicity
- Stays solid below 100ºF (37.7ºC)
- Will not spill or leak
- Not regulated for shipping by any mode of transport
Upstate Applications, Inc.
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Upstate Applications has been in business since 2005.
Reduce Shrink
Upstate Application's programs reduce shrink.
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We bring everything we need with us so we can quickly get the job done.
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With Upstate Applications, storage time increases.
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Upstate Applications has a highly professional team.
Sprout Control
To protect the quality and condition of your potatoes.
Upstate Applications, Inc.
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